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Increase in the popularity of Catamaran hire in the Whitsundays is outstripping the catamaran growth worldwide and also the demand for monohulls. So why is catamaran hire in the Whitsundays becoming more popular?

Layout – Catamarans have saloons with a view! Catamarans are equipped with a lounge with large windows, as compared to looking through portholes on monohulls

Size and space – Catamarans tend to have more space including larger cabins and more cockpit/saloon space for socialising, dining and lounging around taking in the spectacular surroundings of the Whitsundays. They also have huge forward deck space with trampolines for sunbaking

Draft – Catamarans don’t have keels, so they can anchor closer to islands and beaches!

Stability – The Whitsundays are more protected than worldwide sailing zones, and therefore the ‘stability’ of a monohull in swell is less important. Also hiring a catamaran means you can experience level sailing, which is great for the less experienced, young families, more mature charterers and even those that are prone to sea sickness!

Saloon galleys – galley upstairs allow for cool breezes to flow through whilst you cook and level saloon/cockpits for combined space

Storage – Catamarans have much more storage than monohulls

Twin hulls – Catamarans ensure a little more privacy compared to the traditional monohulls. Whether it’s family groups, couples or groups with crew, the twin hull format provides a level of privacy and personal space which can be of great benefit to some! Twin hulls also split the movement of traffic, providing comparative ease of movement

Width – Catamarans are a lot wider than monohulls which means more space for trolling lines or fishing when at anchor

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