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After you’ve worked out what is included with your Whitsunday catamaran, it’s time to take exclusions into consideration. It’s important to know what exclusions there are so you can plan and budget for your trip.

Fuel is generally not included and is charged on consumption. If you are hiring a catamaran that doesn’t have solar panels, you will need to run your engines for at least 3 hours per day to keep the batteries charged. Given this, it is a good idea to estimate your fuel usage based on this. Depending on the size of the catamaran you are hiring, the hourly fuel usage is generally between 3-7 litres per hour. You can multiply this by 3 to get your daily fuel usage and then work an estimated cost for the duration of your charter. Most people tend to use between $150 – $300 of fuel per week.

Provisioning is not included, however you can pre order online with Whitsunday Provisioning so it is delivered and put onboard ready for your arrival. Whitsunday Provisioning offer packages which include all 3 main meals and snacks plus morning and afternoon tea or you can do a self select order. Choose from the Gold or Platinum package or for the budget conscious, there’s the Silver package. They also have Kids packages and you can also order your alcohol through them. They have many years experience with supplying bareboat charterers with all their groceries and know exactly how storage works in galleys on boats. Obviously on boats, there is limited fridge, freezer and cupboard space compared to a normal kitchen so Whitsunday Provisionings expertise and experience comes in handy with this. Please see this link www.whitprov.com.au for more information including suggested menus.

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