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There are a few different types of insurance when hiring a catamaran in the Whitsundays. Insurance ranges from basic vessel insurance to third party and full travel insurance – some are optional and some are compulsory.

Damage Waiver Fee – This is a non refundable fee that is sometimes optional and sometimes compulsory. It generally covers any minor loss or damage to the boat and effectively reduces the insurance excess from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred dollars – similar to a rental car.

Bareboat Charter Negligence Insurance – This is a level of insurance that covers 3rd party claims where the named vessel is involved. Also referred to as Bareboat Hirer’s Liability Insurance, it is designed to protect you from claims made against you by others for property loss, accidental death, bodily injury or illness to them caused by (or as a result of) your negligence. For more information or to book online see this link

Full Travel Insurance – It is a requirement that charterers have suitable travel insurance to cover for cancellation for any reason, particularly as charter fees are non refundable within 60 days prior to departure. Policies are quite cheap starting at around $70 and will cover you for any other losses in relation to your holiday (e.g. accommodation, flights). Suggestions for travel insurance are Flight Centre and Suresave.

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