Compare Catamarans

Once you have made the decision to hire a catamaran in the Whitsundays, you then need to compare the catamarans available to work out what best suits your needs.

There are many different kinds of catamarans available to hire. Key differences to compare are size, layout and make.

First work out how many people in your party and then you can browse layouts and makes to see what fits best for your group.


Size is a very important thing to consider when hiring a catamaran in the Whitsundays. Some people prefer to have lots of extra space and others don’t mind having the maximum number of guests possible as it tends to keep the price down.

Catamarans in the Whitsundays start at 33ft with the Seawind 1000s. These catamarans can accommodate 2 – 8 people, although 6 guests is the recommended maximum. They are equipped with 2 doubles and 2 single berths and are perfect for small families or groups with singles.

The next size catamarans in the Whitsundays are 36-38ft and can generally accommodate 2 – 8 people, although again 6 is the recommended number of guests. These catamarans are suitable for 3 couples or a larger  family. They generally have 3 double cabins and quite often the saloon table drops down to make another double. Some may also have a separate single berth.

All catamarans that are 40ft+ can accommodate 2 – 8 guests and some can even take up to 10 guests. These catamarans have 4 doubles and some may also have two small single berths up forward which are suitable for small children and accessible via a hatch from the deck. Some may also have a drop down saloon table that converts to a double. These catamarans come with a minimum of 2 bathrooms and some even have ensuites for each cabin.


Another thing to consider when choosing a catamaran to hire in the Whitsundays is the layout. The most compelling difference between the design and layout of catamarans is whether the galley (kitchen) is in the hull or upstairs in the saloon (lounge/dining area). There are pros and cons to consider with both layouts.

Advantages of a saloon galley include

Keeping the social space together! Food and drink preparation while under sail can allow the conversation to continue.

The view! It’s lovely to be looking at the scenery when on kitchen duty.

Ventilation. You can’t beat the through breeze that a saloon galley provides as compared to a hull galley.

Lighting. Nothing beats natural lighting

Advantages of a hull galley

Storage. Catamarans that have the galley in the hull tend to have more storage space than saloon galleys

Open space. Seawinds have a unique design where the saloon and cockpit are level and have large fold away doors. Think of a Queenslander style home with a big deck opening out from the living area – bringing the outdoors in.

Large saloons. These catamarans tend to have much larger saloons to relax in as the saloon is up on the one level and doesn’t share the space with the galley


There are plenty of different makes and models of catamarans, built all around the world. There are 5 main brands of catamarans available for hire in the Whitsundays.

Fountaine Pajot
French made catamarans that are built for cruising comfort with contemporary design. Equipped with a saloon galley and cockpit table for alfresco dining. Models include the Mahe, Lipari and Cumberland.

Beneteau Lagoon
Also French made catamarans equipped with saloon galley and cockpit table for alfresco dining. Light and airy, Lagoons are popular among sailors. Models include the 380, 400 and 420.

American made catamarans that are great for large groups. The latest models have both a forward and aft lounge cockpit area, great for entertaining or relaxing. Also equipped with a saloon galley. Models include the 384, 403, 443 and 444.

Australian made catamarans that are well known for their large open saloon cockpits and storage space. Built for live aboard charters, the bigger models also have large day beds for relaxing in the saloon. Models include the 1000, 1000XL, 1160, 1200 and 1250.

Also Australian made catamarans, Perrys tend to be a popular choice for charters with two families and large groups, due to their large open spaces and comfortable living spaces.

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